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Get notified when an item comes into your workflow for approval. eComm can track an item to see where it has been and where it will go. Submittals, Change Orders among many other items have never been more simple to manage than with eComm.



All project documents be posted and tracked. From Submittals, Meeting Minutes to Project Manuals. Put them all on eComm and have access for the lifetime of your project. 


Wrap up your project with a nice bow. eComm gives you the ease of having an all digital closout. What used to take months now takes a fraction of the time and can be downloaded to your computer with eComm.

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eComm save you time. Instantly know where an item is during its lifecycle. Approve Subbmittals on the go with your mobile device. Managing projects with eComm has never been more simple and timely.

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