eComm Digital Closeout

An easy project closeout solution in a nice package for you and your customer

Why Digital Construction Project Closeout?

There are many reasons we chose to have all of our closeouts in a digital format. The biggest reason is simple. Portability. When a project closeout is printed it is massive. Paper is heavy and expensive. It also needs a place to be stored, and who has room for 10+ binders to be taking up space on a shelf for a single project?

A digital closeout is a fast and inexpensive way to store all of your documents in one place. Your project owner will appreciate the simplicity of our digital closeout.

What does an eComm Digital Closeout look like?

An eComm Digital Closeout is a PDF document that will be emailed to you upon your request when your project is complete. It contains all the documentation from your project that was on eComm.

Examples of Closeout Documents include the following.

Allowance Authorizations


Change Orders

Closeout Submittals



Meeting Minutes

Project Photos

Proposal Requests & Bulletins




After letting us know what items from eComm need to be included in your project’s closeout documents we will get to work. In a few weeks, we will have combined everything needed into one document that your customers will be able to open and search without having any training. The Module will also be customized for your specific project including branding for you and the project owner. We provide you with a temporary download link for your project. You can then download the closeout module and share it any way you would like. Some like to have their closeouts saved on a computer. Some companies will put their closeouts on a thumb drive or hard drive for permanent storage. With digital content the choice is yours and it could not be easier.

For more information about our closeout process please go here.

Want to see a demo closeout?