Digital Closeout

closeouts done right

What does an eComm Closeout look like?

Start off with a simple PDF that is clickable and searchable and made to include the following items.

  • Submittals 
  • O&M Information
  • Warranties and Guarantees
  • Bid Documents
  • Construction Documents
  • Contact information

Why Digital Closeout?

eComm makes the closeout process a breeze. All of your projects documents are already in one place, and easy to manage. Know what you have before finalizing. With eComm you will get a downloadable closout document that is searchable and clickable. You will be able to navigate all of your documents with your project with ease. 

At the end of your project we will provide a link to download your closeout. From there you can place it on a computer or on an external drive. This eliminates the need for costly storage space of your documents. 

Want to see a demo closeout?