Construction Site Daily Reports so easy you won’t have to worry about it being completed

eComm has done it again.We made a task that has been put off by even the best site managers enjoyable. Construction Site Daily Reports have been a thorn in the side of all Project Site Managers. This has been the case since the beginning of time. No one likes to do them and they can oftentimes take a large portion of the day. Large job sites can be particularly dragging. eComm has completely changed the way our users think about Daily Reports. From being able to copy from previous days to having the workforce preloaded. Creating Construction Site Daily Reports is now a breeze.

Construction Site Weather Forecast

For starters, we have upped the game. Your Construction Site Daily Reports now comes with location based weather forecasting built in. There is no need to do any research or even go outside if you don’t have to. We get the weather and populate it for you. At the end of the day, even after you have completed your report the weather is there. Your Construction Site Weather is built into eComm and will always be updated at the end of the work day. Forget to post a Construction Site Daily Report last week? No problem, we are able to pull archived weather from any date.

How Much weather Data?

The temperature, weather conditions (rain, snow, sunshine, etc.), precipitation and wind will all populate. This happens 3 times through the day 8AM, 12Pm, and 4P. That way you have the entire scope for the whole day in your Construction Site Daily Report.

What else does Daily Reports do?

Users have the ability to pre create templates for reports to make them even faster to create. Also, Users can also copy over data from any of your previous Construction Site Daily Reports. This makes the creation process even faster.

A log of all daily reports and the images that were uploaded is provided at project closeout. For legal reasons many companies keep these files.

How Much Extra is it?

Unlike other Construction Management applications, eComm does not cost more to have these features. It is included in the project’s main fee. There are no hidden costs or upgrades to get the features you need for your project. You get our super easy to use daily reports project with built in weather reporting for free. It is one of the many tools that we have developed in eComm to make life easier on the job.

To see our Daily Reports in action please contact us for a Demo and Consultation.